Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hey! (1-19-14)

I am currently in New York City.
So yeah, Pizza is only $1.00, and Hot Dogs range between $1.75-2.50 depending where you are.
So far the city has been alright.
(I am not a fan of crowded places.)

I am pretty excited for tomorrow because I am going to B&H and possibly the MoMA.
I am also going to be seeing an old friend, someone who I really haven't spoken to in a while, and it's mostly my fault, my stupidity, but that's fine; live and learn.

Today was awesome.
Prior to adventuring into the subway we sat on the floor, spread the map, and just as we did that a girl walked around the corner.
She caught us by surprise and was kind enough to help, and taught us how to read the subway map, and other basic things that a tourist to New York would not know.
Rode the subway several times with my friend who came on the trip with me, and we ended up in a place that he wanted to visit called Williamsburg, it's a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.

We got off on Lorimer St and wandered looking for a restroom, while doing so we bumped into a woman from Austria who has been living in New York for 20years.
**So we discovered a pretty serious problem in New York, a problem we do not face in Miami, FL, barely any public restrooms available, unless you are a customer at zed location.
While window-shopping for a restroom, we wandered into a comic book shop (Desert Island) of sorts and the girl in there was kind enough to help out my friend and let him use the restroom. Afterwards we walked down to Bedford Ave and walked around for a bit, and after walking back and almost to the Bedford Ave subway stop we found a bar called Charleston. At Charleston if you buy a beer valued at $4 or more between the hours of 12pm to 8pm you get a free pizza, why wouldn't you take them up on such a great deal. The pizza is personal sized, thin crust, and delicious.
A couple beers/pizzas (Me-1, Him-2), and 1 lengthy conversation later we wandered back into the depths of the subway system, and walked back to our hotel room.

I am sitting here now writing this to you, whoever you may be, watching the battery on my monstrous laptop die out, and the time tick away.

Before my laptop does die out I'd like to bid you farewell.
It is currently 37°f outside, and I may just go out for a stroll.

I tried posting this before 12:00am, oh well.

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