Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SuperCon 2013! My first Convention and Experience.

Hi my name is Jc.
Welcome to my blog!

Today, a little late, I want to share with you my photographic adventure through July 5th 2013 of SuperCon! I cannot explain how amazed I was. I was flabbergasted. Words cannot truly describe how this experience has impacted me. Everyone was so kind. I was overwhelmed with the amount of creativity and effort laid out before my eyes.

When I first walked into SuperCon I really did not know what to expect, I was like a child about to enter Disney for the first time, I was extremely anxious.
Long story short, I got separated from my group for 3hrs and a half before they called me concerned about where I could have been.

Walking through the exhibition was like walking through some fantasy; a whimsical, fantastical, wonderful, vibrant world.

Newborns, Children, Teenagers, Adults, and Parents partook in the events and it was something that seemed out of this world.

Who could have ever imagined such a world existed. I would have never imagined that a convention would be like this. I truly was at awe from the minute I stepped in to the minute I stepped out.

To my friends, I am so sorry we got separated from one another; inevitable.

Again, my lack of words are due to the overwhelming feeling I got from attending such an event. It left a great impression on me and I am extremely happy to have attended and met such amazing people.

To everyone at the event, Thank you so much for being so unique and amazing, and kind. Without you this experience of mine would have not felt so grand, and great.
Thank you.

This was truly an amazing experience.

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